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Welcome to the On-line Digital Library Suite. Are you tired of searching the internet and pulling out your hair to find an answer to an¬†uncommon but very important question on how to do a particular function or task in today’s popular software? I was too, and that is what lead me to create this site.

This is a FREE source that will provide to you colorful documentation or right to the point videos’ on how to perform advanced or uncommon, but very helpful tips on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe Forms, SnagIt tips, Camtasia, WordPress, and other computer solutions.

My intentions for this site was to have a mixture of tips provided to you in an ‘How To’ fashion,either by video or by screenshots with detailed instructions.

Welcome, and I hope these resources saved you valuable time in your daily work and put you ahead of others!

My Best,

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Ana DeShields

Ana DeShields
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